Ingrown toenails fixed


What is it?

Ingrowing nails are very painful condition where the side of the toenail is curved or penetrating into the skin lying next to it. This causes the skin to be cut, and open to infection.

Why does it happen?

There are multiple causes for the issue, primary ones being:

  1. Genetics - You've unfortunately inherited the toenail shape from your parents and it's not your fault.
  2. Mechanical Injury - Tight shoes that squeeze your toes together making the nail's side cut into your skin OR you've kicked/dropped something on your toenail changing the nail's placement relative to the adjacent skin folds.

How do we fix it?

Unfortunately there are no DIY options or home cures, other than to manage possible infection with salt water soaks and betadine or antiseptic applications. However this will not stop the nail hurting the skin, if you attempt to cut the nail at home without sterile equipment, you will risk further infection.

The solution involves conservatively trimming the edge of offending nail OR permanently through a short procedure under local anesthetic by your podiatrist.

What does the permanent fix entail?

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes from beginning to end. You will not feel pain after the local anesthetic is administered in the first step, so you can sit back and ignore the podiatrist at work on your troublesome toenail.

A sliver of the painful side of the toenail will be removed leaving a nice flat nail on top of your toe. The root of this sliver will be chemically burned to prevent the nail growing back.

Healing completely takes 2 days to 2 weeks depending on your health and activities. You'll be able to walk immediately after the procedure, but we recommend you take at least 12 hrs rest to ensure complete success.

What happens if you don't treat it?

The nail will continue to offend the skin laying next to it, this will lead to excessive swelling, heat and redness in the area. The infection could dangerously start spreading up the toe threatening your health. This problem is easily solved in a 30 minute consult, why live with it a minute longer?

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