Diabetic management

Diabetes and your feet - a summary

Diabetes is chronic disease that affects up to 6% of the population (higher in older age groups).

Insulin is a hormone that helps the body deal with sugar (glucose) in the diet. When diabetes is present, either the body produces less or no insulin (Type 1) or the body tisues are resisant to the effects of insulin (Type 2). This results in higher levels of glucose in the blood, which can damage a whole range of body tissues and organs.

In the feet, this damage causes poor circulation and loss of sensation.

Uncontrolled effects of diabetes on your feet

Without care the eventual result is skin ulcerations, infections, and finally amputation.

The podiatrists role in helping with foot care in diabetes

Podiatry visits are strongly recommended for monitoring, management and self-care advice. Your podiatrist can check areas of reduced circulation and sensation, prevent them from progressing to ulcers and collaborate with your GP to keep you out of hospital.

Medicare covered podiatry visits for diabetic patients

As a diabetic, you are eligible for a care plan from your GP which entitles you to up to 5 medicare funded visits to see us each calendar year. Our bulk-billing policy means that when you visit us with the care plan in hand, there is no out-of-pocket expense!

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